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DHL Orders Nine Converted Boeing 777-200LR Freighters

DHL Express has ordered converted Boeing 777-200LR freighters from Jetran.

World’s First Boeing 777-300ER Converted Freighter Takes Flight

The first "Big Twin" Boeing 777-300ER converted freighter has taken flight.

Cargojet to Sell Two Boeing 777 Aircraft, Defer Conversions

Cargojet plans to sell two Boeing 777-300s that were originally meant to be converted into freighters.

Why a United Airlines Boeing 777 Almost Hit the Pacific Ocean

United Airlines flight 1722 took off, climbed to 2,200 feet, and then descended at a rate of over 8,000 feet per minute.

First Boeing 777F Modified with AeroSHARK Enters Service

The world's first cargo aircraft modified with the AeroSHARK surface technology begins scheduled service.

1/25/2020: Boeing 777X Completes Maiden Flight

On this day in 2020, the world's largest twin-engined commercial airliner, the Boeing 777X, took to the skies for the first time.

NASA Just Got a Boeing 777

NASA's new Boeing 777-200ER formerly flew for Japan Airlines (JA) and bore registration JA704J.

Aeroflot Purchases Boeing 777s Stranded in Russia

Aeroflot (SU) has confirmed the purchase of 10 Boeing 777 jets from Irish aircraft leasing firms.

Boeing 777X Returns to the Skies After Engine Issues

After two-months on the ground, the Boeing 777-9 has finally returned to the skies. But what will this mean for the certification timeline?

Tearing Down an Air France Boeing 777

Airways sat down with aircraft parts specialist Touchdown Aviation to talk about the teardown business and the Air France project.

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