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UPS to Add Two Used Boeing 747-8F’s

UPS (5X) will add two additional Boeing 747-8Fs to its fleet in 2024.

Approaching Kai Tak on a Boeing 747: A Pilot’s Perspective

Airways chats with Captain Obet Mazinyi about his time back in the day, shooting multiple approaches into Kai Tak Airport.

3/20/2011: First Flight of the Boeing 747-8I

Today in Aviation, the Boeing 747-8I (Intercontinental) passenger wide-body airliner performed its maiden flight in 2011.

Lufthansa’s Two-Hour Boeing 747 Route Is Back

Here's your chance to fly Lufthansa's Queen Frankfurt-Palma de Mallorca route.

Geo Sky to Continue Flying the Boeing 747-200

Airways spoke with Tornike Kortoshidze, President of Geo Sky, on how the airline manages to keep such an old bird in action and more.

2/08/2010: Boeing 747-8F Maiden Flight

Today in Aviation, the Boeing 747-8F performed its maiden flight in 2010.

1/22/1970: The Mighty Boeing 747 Enters Revenue Service

Despite several technical issues that resulted in the original Jumbo being replaced, on this day in 1970, history was made when the Boeing 747 carried its first fare-paying passengers.

Boeing 747 ‘Cosmic Girl’ to Launch Virgin Orbit Rocket

If the mission is successful, it will be the first orbital space launch from British soil and the first international launch for Virgin Orbit.

FAA AD to Address Boeing 747-400/-8 Fuel Pump Issue

The FAA is to adopt an AD for certain Boeing 747-400/-8 after reports of wear-through of fuel tank components.

Flashback: Flying the Boeing 747 with Capt. Carter

Six years ago, Airways flew with Capt. Alan Carter on a Wamos Airlines (EB) Boeing 747-400 from Madrid to Caracas (+video).

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