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Qatar Airways to Welcome Boeing 737-8 Jets

Qatar Airways has announced plans to introduce Boeing 737-8 jets to its fleet.

1/22/1970: The Mighty Boeing 747 Enters Revenue Service

Despite several technical issues that resulted in the original Jumbo being replaced, on this day in 1970, history was made when the Boeing 747 carried its first fare-paying passengers.

MSC Takes Delivery of First Boeing 777-200 Freighter

MSC Air Cargo's first Boeing 777-200F will be based in Indianapolis (IND) and will perform a fixed weekly rotation across key global hubs.

WestJet Expands Fleet with Largest Boeing 737 MAX Order

WestJet (WS) has placed an order for 42 Boeing 737-10 aircraft, with options for an additional 22.

Another Boeing 747 for Challenge Airlines BE (+Photos)

It’s a third Jumbo jet for Challenge Airlines BE (X7), and it’s all geared up in the “Challenge accepted" livery to take to the skies later this month.

Boeing’s Supersonic Dreams

Boeing has toyed with the idea of a supersonic airliner since the 1960s but its plans remain on the drawing board.

6/7/1938: Maiden Flight of the Boeing Model 314 Clipper

Find out why Boeing created the "Clippers" and where the first colossal airliner was constructed and flown.

Farnborough: Boeing Touts Advantages of Current Product Lineup; Clarifies MOM Status

LONDON — Boeing provided a wide ranging update on its lineup of commercial aircraft Tuesday at the Farnborough Airshow. In a briefing entitled “Development in Execution,” Mike Delaney, Boeing’s VP and GM of Airplane Development, clarified the company’s current mindset on topics

A History of Boeing’s Everett Plant Part 2: The 747 Crisis and Development of the 767

MIAMI — Welcome to part two of our multi-part epoch on the fascinating history of the Boeing Everett plant. We will be rolling the series out over the next month, so sit back, grab a glass of your favorite beverage, and

Inside Boeing’s 737 Renton Factory As They Take It To “The MAX”: Part One

MIAMI — On the evening of March 18, 2013 Boeing’s Renton Plant rolled out its first Boeing 737, a 737-800 bound for Panamanian Airline COPA, at the astounding new production rate of 38 aircraft per month. Boeing had only reached

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