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8/21/1985: Sir Freddie Laker-British Airways US$8m Settlement

Today in Aviation, Sir Freddie Laker accepts a US$8m out-of-court settlement from British Airways (BA) in 1985.

8/16/1964: Euravia Rebrands as Britannia Airways

Today in Aviation, the iconic charter carrier Britannia Airways (BY) is born after the rebranding of Euravia in 1964.

8/09/1963: Cunard-Eagle Renamed British Eagle International

Despite joining forces in March 1960, just two years later British Eagle's relationship with Cunard had soured and the airline was renamed.

7/27/1949: First Flight of the Comet 1

This is the story of the de Havilland DH.106 Comet 1, the world's first commercial jet airliner.

7/15/1958: Ghana Airways Commences Operations

The airline had been founded earlier that month to take over the services of West African Airways Corporation (WT).

7/05/1942: Maiden Flight of the Avro York

The British-built airliner was a civilian version of the Avro Lancaster bomber, created by fabled aircraft design engineer Roy Chadwick.

Ground Broken at LAX’s Midfield Satellite Concourse South

A ceremony has been held for the official groundbreaking at the new Midfield Satellite Concourse (MSC) South site at LAX.


6/29/1962: First Flight of the Iconic Vickers VC10

The prototype - G-ARTA - took 19 minutes to fly to nearby Wisley, where extensive further testing and cabin fitting were carried out.

5/30/1958: First Flight of the Douglas DC-8

This is the story of the legendary DC-8, from its inception to its first flight in 1958. 

5/05/1947: First Flight of Alitalia

Today in Aviation, the first Alitalia-Aerolinee Italiane Internazionali (AZ) flight took off bound for its domestic destination in 1947.

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