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In Photos: Air India’s New Airbus A350-900

Air India is beginning its renaissance with a new identity and strategy, modern aircraft with new cabins, an innovative web experience, and clear skies ahead.

Airlines Routes

SWISS Heads to Seoul for the First Time

This summer, SWISS International Air Lines will introduce nonstop flights to South Korea’s capital, Seoul.

Industry Safety

Explained: The EU Air Safety List

Airways delves into the creation of the EU Air Safety List, its primary characteristics, and the most notable airlines featured on the list.

Deep Dive Industry

Analyzing the 10 Largest Aviation Markets

In this analysis, we delve into the Q4 2023 figures, comparing the seating capacity of the 10 largest aviation markets with those from Q4 2019.


1/02/1989: Maiden Flight of the Tupolev Tu-204

The Tu-204 was designed to replace the Tu-154, but due to the break up of the Soviet Union, the type did not enjoy the success of its predecessor.


12/30/1934: First Flight of the Martin M-130

The M-130, whose maiden flight was today in 1934, is a commercial flying boat designed and built for the iconic Pan American Airways.


12/28/1988: First Flight of the Let L-610

Designed as a replacement for the Antonov An-24, the L-610 failed to match the success of its smaller sibling.


12/22/1976: Maiden Flight of the Ilyushin Il-86

Ilyushin put forward many designs, including an A380-type 'double-decker' variant, before the Il-86, USSR's first wide-bodied aircraft, whose maiden flight took place today in 1976.


Russia Absorbs Foreign Shares in Saint Petersburg Airport

Russian President Vladimir Putin has issued a decree to seize ownership of the foreign stakes held in Saint Petersburg Pulkovo Airport.


A Brief History of the Quadjet

Rediscover the four-engined commercial airliners that revolutionized the air travel industry.

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