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Britain’s Lost Airports

From bustling airports to business parks, we take a look at some of Britain's lost airports.

10/12/2009: World’s First Revenue Gas-to-liquid Fuel Flight

Qatar Airways operated the world's first revenue flight powered by gas-to-liquid kerosene fuel today in 2009.

10/11/1970: Maiden Flight of Boeing 747-200

Today in Aviation, the much-upgraded passenger variant of the Boeing 747, the 747-200, took to the skies for the first time in 1970.

Flying Economy: THAI A350-900 from Stockholm to Bangkok

What's it like to fly Thai Airways International for 11 hours? A hectic boarding process, comfortable seats, decent meals, and a brilliant cabin crew.

Air France-KLM to Order 50 Airbus A350

Air France-KLM Group has confirmed that it will purchase 50 Airbus A350 family aircraft and has an option for an additional 40 planes.

Interview: Iberia Maintenance’s Diversified Engine Portfolio

Maria Guilarte Polanco, the Transformation Director at Iberia Maintenance, provides an overview of the ongoing transformation in an interview with Airways.

Op-Ed: Flying Single vs. Diverse Aircraft Types

In the airline industry, carriers have the choice to diversify their fleet or remain loyal to a single aircraft type. We discuss both strategies.

Qantas Reveals Future International Fleet Plans

Qantas (QF) has unveiled plans to update its international fleet with more Boeing 787s and Airbus A350s.

8/17/1989: Qantas Operates Longest Nonstop Delivery Flight

Long before 'Project Sunrise', Qantas (QF) had already flown nonstop on the famous 'Kangaroo Route'.

La Muñoza: Iberia’s Maintenance Center From The Inside

Airways takes you behind the scenes of "La Muñoza", Iberia's largest maintenance facility at Madrid-Barajas Airport in Spain.

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