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Ryanair Cancels 420 Flights amid French ATC Strikes

Ryanair (FR) has canceled 420 flights for Friday 16 in France due to a one-day strike by air traffic controllers.

Ryanair Expands Stockholm Arlanda Base

A year after opening the Stockholm Arlanda base, Ryanair (FR) is to expand its operation.

United Airlines, Emirates Announce Historic Agreement

United Airlines (UA) and Emirates (EK) announced a historic commercial partnership that will expand each airline's network.

Air France to Raise Wages, Give Staff Bonuses

This is how much Air France (AF) will increase its workforce compensation and staff bonuses will be.

AirAsia Grows Teleport Fleet with A321P2F

AirAsia (AK) is to add three A321P2Fs to the fleet of its dedicated cargo subsidiary Teleport.

Lufthansa Pilots Refrain from Strikes until June 2023

Lufthansa (LH) and its customers can rest assured they won't expect pilot strikes for around ten months.

30 New Jets For Air India

The incoming aircraft will see Air India (AI) launch its new 'Premium Economy' cabin.

JetBlue, Emirates Cut Ties

JetBlue (B6) and Emirates (EK) are to end their partnership as the latter is rumored to be jumping into bed with a new US carrier.

When Pepsi Flew Supersonic

How about if Pepsi flew supersonic across the globe? Well, the comercial stunt at Mach 1.7 happened in 1996.

Garuda Outlines Future Fleet Plan

Garuda's future fleet plan is part of the carrier's restructuring program and envisages growing to 96 aircraft by 2026.

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