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Turkey Restricts Pilots Joining Foreign Airlines

The amendment aims to ensure that Turkish airline operations are not disrupted and flight safety is not adversely affected.

ICAO: Russian Air Safety Risks Red Flag Listing

This is why ICAO could include Russia in the list of countries with officially declared problems with in-flight safety.

Good-bye, ‘Turkey’; Hello, ‘Türkiye’!

The change in the Turkish Airlines (TK) name comes as the country moves to rebrand itself away from the "Turkey" moniker.

Airbus Reports Year-to-date Deliveries to 58 Customers

This is the total number of Airbus orders and deliveries so far this year. plus the rundown of May 2022 stats.

SunExpress Inaugural Milan-Izmir Takes off (+Photos)

This is SunExpress' (XQ) twice-weekly Boeing 737 summer service between Milan, Italy, and Izmir, Turkey.

New International Arrivals Facility Fully Open at SEATAC

Discover how the new SEATAC International Arrivals Facility (IAF) improves the passenger experience.

Henri Coandă International Airport: a Romanian Beacon of Hope

The Russian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022 forced airports across Eastern Europe to adapt to accommodate refugees fleeing war.

November 2019

The iconic American Airlines McDonnell Douglas MD-80 is now history. The jetliner earned its infamous nickname ‘Mad Dog’ after its impressive takeoff capabilities, as shown in our cover photo. Thanks for the memories, Mad Dog, we will miss you!

October 2018

Vintage is... this month’s cover jumps us back in time to the 1950s, when this brand-new Western Airlines Convair 240 was captured in perfect lighting conditions, showing with impressive details, the expressions of those lucky passengers sitting inside the pristine

February 2018

This month, we bid farewell to yet another aircraft: Meridiana’s McDonnell-Douglas MD-80. This aircraft was the backbone of the Italian carrier’s fleet, which will be replaced by new Boeing 737 MAX 8s. This shot honors the Italian Maddog by showcasing its unique

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