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Frontier Adds Holiday Nonstops from San Diego to Orlando

San Diego (SAN) travelers looking to head to fun in the sun in Orlando (MCO) have a new nonstop Frontier (F9) option.

JetBlue, Emirates Cut Ties

JetBlue (B6) and Emirates (EK) are to end their partnership as the latter is rumored to be jumping into bed with a new US carrier.

When Pepsi Flew Supersonic

How about if Pepsi flew supersonic across the globe? Well, the comercial stunt at Mach 1.7 happened in 1996.

Garuda Outlines Future Fleet Plan

Garuda's future fleet plan is part of the carrier's restructuring program and envisages growing to 96 aircraft by 2026.

Turkish Airlines Becomes UEFA Champions League Sponsor

Turkish Airlines (TK) has become the first airline to sponsor the UEFA Champions League.

SAA, British Airways Talk South African Franchise

A British Airways (BA) South African franchise is being discussed by the UK airline and South African Airways (SA).

ITA Airways to Launch Asian-Pacific Routes

ITA Airways (AZ) will add flights to India and Japan to expand its international network before the year is up.

SAS Looks to Shrink Fleet Under Restructuring

SAS-Scandinavian Airlines (SK) is looking to offload several A350/A330s as part of its restructuring.

Pond Hopping – The Story of bmi’s Transatlantic Operations

Despite hopes of becoming a key player in the transatlantic market, bmi's (BD) ambitions never really took off.

KLM Launches Premium Comfort Class

KLM's new Boeing 777 and 787 Premium Comfort economy cabin had a muted launch this week.

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