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Airways Top 10 Never-built Commercial Aircraft 

The second half of the 20th century saw aircraft manufacturers design airliners with extreme characteristics.

The Complex Art of Aircraft Utilization

What are some of the techniques and methodologies that all types of airlines implement to best utilize their aircraft?

Flashback: Flying the Inaugural A380 with Singapore Airlines

Today in 2007, Airways' Chris Sloan was one of the few lucky people on board Singapore Airlines' (SQ) inaugural A380 flight, SQ380.

South African Airways Expands Fleet

The much slimmed-down South African carrier (SA) is now looking to ramp up its operations.

Propfan Power: The Story of the Unducted Fan Engine

The future of aviation revolves around sustainability. But building a greener, more eco-friendly industry is nothing new.

British Airways to Bring back All Its A380s

Find out why British Airways (BA) is bringing back all its Airbus A380s in full swing.

Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental Inaugural Flight

Experience what it was like to be on board Lufthansa's (LH) inaugural Boeing 747-8i flight exactly 10 years ago today.

New Air France Safety Video Goes from ‘Chick’ to ‘Adequate’

MIAMI — Earlier today, Air France (AF) unveiled its new in-flight safety video which replaces the famous and catchy fashion-oriented film that aired in 2015. The new safety video will be available on all long-haul flights starting on March 1,

Enrique Cueto To Step Down As CEO Of LATAM Airlines

MIAMI — After a successful 25-year tenure, the founder and CEO of LATAM Airlines, Enrique Cueto, will step down from the helm of the largest carrier in Latin America in March 2020. Cueto will be replaced by Roberto Alvo, current

Delta Returns To Gatwick, Boosts UK-US Capacity With Virgin Atlantic

MIAMI—Delta Air Lines, together with its British joint venture partner, Virgin Atlantic, will be boosting capacity in the US-UK market by 15% next summer. Both carriers will be increasing capacity on routes between New York, Boston, Los Angeles, Seattle, and

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