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“Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated.” —The Borg, Star Trek TNG

On October 10th, Southwest Airlines (WN) canceled over 1,000 flights, or 27% of its schedule, due to “disruptions.”

While the airline claims it was due to “ATC issues and bad weather,” other comparable airlines fared a mere 2-4% cancellation rate, sparking rumors of a possible pilot “sick out” in protest of the company’s new Covid vaccine mandate. While the Southwest Pilots Association (SWAPA) denies any job action, the numbers appear to speak for themselves.

In short, WN has thrown down an ultimatum to their lowly worker peasants: get the jab, or get fired. This, despite federal labor law requiring companies, such as WN, to negotiate any such extreme measures with their respective unions.

On the same day, a similar protest appears to have taken place at Jacksonville Air Route Traffic Control Center (JAX), prompting the delay or cancellation of dozens of flights. Again, the delays were blamed, this time by the FAA, on “weather” among other factors—even though Florida skies were exceptionally clear that day.

What’s going on, and why? In short, workers appear to be fed up with government overreach and are striking back.

While federally-mandated vaccine requirements have been upheld by the Supreme Court as far back as 1905 during the smallpox epidemic, many believe the precedent is outdated.

Indeed, advances in medicine, other mitigation measures, and basic individual rights guaranteed by the Constitution, and the Civil Rights Act of 1964, scream for a solid, thorough, and scientific review of such extreme measures. As has been often pointed out in legal briefs, while the government does have the right to take some measures for “the general welfare,” it must do so by the “least restrictive means necessary.”

In short, the government can’t physically force one to get the jab but it may be able to legally compel one to do so, by imposing other restrictions. Future court cases may determine just how far these restrictions can be taken.

While the vaccine has been proven to greatly reduce symptoms and hospitalizations when one does get Covid, it has not proven to outright prevent one from receiving the virus in the first place.

Moreover, natural antibodies developed by those who have already had the virus are proving to be much stronger at creating resistance than the vaccine themselves. This, despite the fact that the Biden Administration’s Orwellian “mandate” completely ignores this scientifically proven inconvenient truth.


Resistance Groups

What is perceived as unreasonably “compelling restrictions”—such as corporate termination for the unvaxed—have given rise to several nationwide, grassroots “resistance groups.” Last year’s frontline medical heroes, for example, are now being fired in droves as today’s “villains” for refusing the vax. Other industries are rising up in opposition as well—and the airline industry is no exception.

Organizations representing such frontline aviation workers as pilots, flight attendants, and mechanics have recently sprouted up. Two organizations, in particular, US Freedom Flyers (, and Airline Pilots for Justice (Facebook group, “AP4J”) have banded together to fight the jab. Under the banner, “We call the shots, not them,” these organizations are actively fighting through legal means to retain workers’ individual rights to medical privacy.

It remains to be seen whether David will triumph over Goliath.

In a private consult with my personal physician, I decided on my own to receive the Covid vaccination. However, I suspect any mandate requiring the vaccine as a condition of employment, travel, etc., will ultimately be determined to be unconstitutional.

In this age of unprecedented access to information, we are also bombarded with unprecedented disinformation. I implore each individual to ignore the emotional clickbait and fear porn regarding a virus with an overall 99%+ survival rate, research the facts, and come up with your own personal decision on whether to get the jab.

Your health—and our freedom—is riding on it.

Op-Ed written by Eric Auxier, Airline Pilot—Writer – Featured image: Pilots. Photo: Rafael Cosquiere on