September 26, 2022
CEO Interview: NICEAIR- Iceland’s New Airline
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CEO Interview: NICEAIR- Iceland’s New Airline

DALLAS – North Iceland is getting its very own airline when Niceair starts operations this June. For a logo that was inspired by the traditional winter wear of Northern Iceland, the same will now find its way on the startup carrier’s Airbus A319.

AirwaysSiddharth Ganesh recently held a detailed exchange with the start-up’s CEO, Thorvaldur Ludvik Sigurjonsson, on what Niceair is all about. Let’s dig in.

How did you come up with the name Niceair?

Thorvaldur Ludvik Sigurjonsson, CEO Niceair

Niceair really has two meanings: firstly, and most importantly, the name directly links the airline to our home base – NICE, that is North Iceland; secondly, our brand colors – blue, white, and green – represent the destination throughout the seasons, be it the snow-covered mountains and Northern Lights in the darker months or the 24-hour daylight in high summer.

Secondly, to be Nice is within the DNA not only of us as an airline but also the population of North Iceland – even the traffic lights here have love hearts on them.  Nice is just what we do!

Did the idea of launching Niceair crop up prior to the COVID-19 pandemic?

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Featured image: Niceair’s A319-100. Photo: Niceair

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