Holidays are an excellent time to travel. It feels so terrific to finally forget about tests, exams, deadlines, and piles of homework taking so much of your time.

Luckily for you, college year doesn’t last forever, though, at times, it may seem truly endless. Now it’s hard to believe that you’ve successfully got through one more year and are about to experience so much unrestrained fun that was too big a luxury only some months ago.

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Have you been thinking of the best way to spend your summer break? Undoubtedly, you’ve decided that traveling can help you not only blow off steam, but also enrich you spiritually. Now it’s about time you decide what means of transportation will be the most convenient and affordable for you.

It’s not a secret that a vast majority of students think of a car as the best way of traveling. It’s quite comfortable and relatively inexpensive. Moreover, it enables you to enjoy the sceneries while driving.

Nevertheless, the car is no longer an option when it comes to traveling overseas. Needless to say, it’s hard, if not impossible, to get to India or Thailand by car or train.

Traveling by sea is also quite a questionable undertaking in terms of cost-effectiveness and comfort. Though many people are biased against air travel, planes still remain the most efficient way of reaching any destination. It’s high time you stopped shun air travel and experience all the benefits of this way of traveling.  

It’s Fast

Let’s face it, it’s beyond our capacity to predict and thus avoid flight delays and cancellations, which cannot but upset us and make our journey less enjoyable.

Inclement weather conditions, technical problems with aircraft, and lots of other factor influence the duration of your travel. Nonetheless, even in the face of the afore listed issues, traveling by plane remain the fastest mode of transportation, which hold a number of advantages over such over the car, ship, train, or bus travel.

For both transoceanic and short trips, air travel is the fastest way to get to the desired destination. Just imagine, you’ll need to spend almost 20 hours driving to get from Washington to Denver, while a flight will take about three and a half hours.

Not to mention long and ultra-long travels, where bus and train’s attempts to compete with their airborne counterparts fall flat.   

It’s Safe

Of course, you heard about plane crashes on the news and might think that traveling by air is like playing Russian Roulette. Let us stop you right away from making hasty decisions and perpetuating stereotypes about air travel.

Aircraft incidents are spectacular and sensational, which is why they attract so much attention and are covered that neatly. The scale of casualties is also devastating in the majority of cases.

Still, the truth is that plane crashes are extremely rare. According to USA Today that cites Chance News, “the odds of dying on a 1,000-mile flight are dozens of times slimmer than dying on a 100-mile car ride.” Bus, car, and train travels are also more dangerous than traveling by air.

It’s Comfortable

Though flying in economy class may seem like no picnic, air travel is way more comfortable than any other mode of transportation. You can recline your seat if you feel uncomfortably confined of hemmed in by lack of space.

Moreover, every aircraft boast the environment control system which provides passengers with adequate air supply and thermal control. So, you can sure that there won’t be too hot or too cold on your plane.

As for those passengers that travel in first or business class, they’ll have even more benefits such as individual climate control, premium seating, exquisite hors d’ oeuvres and other amenities that will make your flight as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.   

It’s Inexpensive

Fuel prices go up every. So do flight tickets. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that traveling by plane has become a luxury unaffordable for students.

There are days when airlines lower prices for their tickets and with due persistent you’ll be able to score the best tickets without spending a fortune. You can also take advantage of low-cost airlines’ special offers and discounts. Thus, you’ll be able to save a bundle on airfare.

We hope we’ve helped you realize that traveling by air is definitely worth giving a shot. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to visit as many destinations as possible with the help of reliable airlines this summer!