If you have never been on a golfing trip abroad before, you may be wondering what you should take on your flight, as well as what equipment you will need when you get there.

There are many items which you need to take into consideration when planning your trip and packing your luggage, and you will most likely need more than simply a few clubs and tees.

Read on for a comprehensive checklist of what to take on the flight when it comes to traveling abroad for a golf holiday.

Golf Equipment

When flying abroad for golf, although you will have less space than at your usual golf course, you will need a range of clubs when you travel so that you can choose the right one for each shot.

There are many types of clubs available, including woods, irons, and wedges. If you are in need of a performance-grade driving iron before you travel, PXG has a large range of high-quality irons that can boost the dynamics of your swing.

You may also have to pack balls, tees and a golf GPS for your journey if the golf club does not provide these, or you are used to playing with a specific model or type that you believe may impact the quality of your play. You should check the course’s provisions before you jet off.

On the Flight

Type of Case: You should consider whether you pack a soft case or a hard case. Hard cases are more protective of your valuables if you are carrying sporting equipment or breakables, but softer cases are easier to pack if you need to store a lot of sporting equipment at once.

You should consider how much you store in the hold, and attempt to cut down on your luggage so that only your clubs will be going into the hold, as this will help you to save money and space.

However, most airlines allow you to have around 20 KG of luggage, meaning that you can fit both your golf clubs and some extra clothing inside your case without issue.

Flight Essentials: You should consider bringing non-sport related flight essentials such as a pillow and some earplugs, as well as enough food and drink. You will need to be well-rested for your sporting trip, and bringing items like this can help you to have a more relaxed trip and ensure that you feel ready to head to the course as soon as you land.

Protecting Your Clubs: You should also consider what type of golf bag or travel cover you will be investing in to protect your clubs. Golf clubs can get damaged on long flights once they are put in storage, and so it is vital that you consider what type of protection you will be providing for your equipment.

The type of golf bag that you use is vital in protecting your precious clubs, the most important part of your golf ensemble. This is especially important through the rigors of a long flight in the hold, or when in storage.