NEW YORK — TAP Portugal recently announced its new travel-themed emoji keyboard app, TAP FlyMoji.

The FlyMoji keyboard comprises more 100 exclusive images including images of TAP Portugal, general aviation, the beauty of Portugal, and even the holiday season.

Customers and aviation fans alike will enjoy a wide range of TAP-related emoji including, for example, uniforms for pilots, flight attendants and maintenance technicians.

The FlyMoji app features TAP’s fleet with aircraft images from different perspectives, with exterior to interior details such as chairs and trolley carts. Also included are images relating to the airline’s maintenance department with emoji of hangars and airport signs.

Emoji, or emoticons, have become a universal way the digital world communicates, especially via social media. TAP’s new keyboard emphasizes its dedication to innovation and emerging communication trends.

Portugal is also represented in the app, with various icons including well known Portuguese cities, gastronomy and delicacies.

Finally, with the holiday season here, there are also seasonal emojis dedicated for holiday greetings.  TAP will also invite its clients and partners to increase this collection of images in a creative contest soon to come.

The TAP FlyMoji keyboard is available for download in the App Stores for Android and iOS.