Commercial aviation has over one hundred years of industry innovations. Such aviation giants as Boeing are looking ahead for new bright innovations and possibilities.

They support a new generation of dreamers because they know that a students’ sense of curiosity will impact aviation a lot.

That is why top engineers work hand-in-hand with numerous education partners to develop new resources. It is a real challenge to solve real-world problems. Would you like to participate?

If you visit the official website of Boeing, you will discover a vast collection of exciting lesson plans, videos, and interactive media/design challenges. These resources will increase your interest and aptitude for gaining 21st-century skills.

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Becoming a pilot requires profound studying and colossal experience. After enrolling to a specialized aviation school, you will have to learn a lot, write term papers, and pass many exams. To meet all these requirements, you will have to devote a lot of time and effort.

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The aviation industry is highly competitive, and it brings a lot of new challenges, approaches, innovations, and an entirely new way of thinking.

Boeing has presented The Boeing Innovation Challenge. The winning entry has outlined an exciting idea to use artificial intelligence in flight decks. Many students from Cornell University, Georgia Tech, and The University of Washington were asked to create a team and develop the concept, which could provide commercial pilots with an innovative, fully-integrated, an automated personal assistant. The main goal is to assist with situational awareness and making decisions.

The best engineers were asked to present their solutions to face daily commercial aviation challenges. Many students and young specialists applied for that challenge. They had to face fierce competition, but they succeeded to find solutions on how to address the commercial aviation market and find many answers to general aviation.

The Challenge was divided into several rounds. In the first round, the bests students had to find an innovative solution to enhance the experience of average passengers and improve efficiency and safety. All students were unbelievably intelligent and passionate about the subject. The entire process was fulfilled with productive energy.

Young people presented many intuitive and innovative solutions to impress the judges. Students impressed more experienced colleagues how many new ideas they have. They were open to working with people they had never seen before.

The results were beyond any expectations. During this Challenge, many teams participated. There were around 40 winners in the first round. All of them were granted a trip to Puget Sound.

In the final round of the competition, students’ ideas were narrower. In the end, there were eight top ideas, which were now implemented into the Boeing aviation concept.

Such competitions are significant for students. They help them develop and to show off their talents and exceptional abilities. More and more students from all over the world want to build their career in aviation and Boeing is one of the best places to start and to demonstrate your talents.

Nowadays, many students are thinking to study aviation. They have several career options in their mind. Commercial aviation can become your life path.

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To work as a commercial pilot is very rewarding and fascinating. That is why students from all around the world dream about the sky. If you want to become a commercial airline pilot, you will need several certificates and ratings.

After completing your educational course, you will need a private pilot license. It will allow flying on your own, but do not expect to receive any payment for that.

The next step you have to do is to apply for a commercial pilot certificate, which will allow you to become a paid pilot.  Afterward, you will have to pass the written school test and log all your hours. Be ready to pass a check-ride.

A Federal Aviation Administration examiner will accompany you on the flight and will make his final decision. Once all the steps are done, you will be issued a commercial pilot’s certificate.

Additionally, to become a commercial airline pilot, you will need a medical certificate. You have to pass through an Aviation Medical Examiner who will verify that you meet all the health requirements to become a pilot. Such examinations will be regular throughout your career as a pilot.

Students are required to get an instrument rating to fly with low visibility. To receive the following rating you will need to pass instrument ground school, log a certain number of instrument flight hours, and give an instrument rating checkride. Your future career as a commercial pilot is waiting for you.