Photo: Harrison Haines

A vacation is always an exciting event to look forward to. If you’re traveling with your family, particularly if you have young kids, it does add a bit of complexity to your travel plans.

Between accommodating around your children’s needs and trying to find activities that suit the whole family, it can be tricky to plan the perfect trip. It gets even trickier if you’re trying to plan everything on a tight budget. 

One of the biggest decisions to make that can affect the cost of your trip is how you’re going to get from point A to point B.

If your destination is still in the same country, you have the option of flying or driving. Flying is, of course, the quicker choice for those destinations that are literally on the opposite side of the country, but driving has a few other benefits. 

Here is a quick comparison guide to help you decide if your next vacation will be a road trip or not. 

How Long Does it Take?

If your family is taking a trip to a destination that’s only a few hours away, driving is most likely the only option. Unless you’re traveling from one major city to another, you probably won’t be able to fly. However, if you’re traveling out of state, you probably do have the choice between them. So, which one is faster? 

Flying is usually the quicker way, but it obviously depends on how far you’re going.

Photo: Shamia Casiano

Sometimes it can take the same amount of time, once you factor in the time it takes to get to the airport, go through check-in and security, and all the time it takes to actually get off the plane and out of the airport once you’ve landed.

Plus, if you’re driving, you can set your own schedule which might be less stressful for the kids as well. You don’t need to rush to the airport at a specific time — instead, you can take your journey at your own pace. 

Which is More Fun?

Family vacations should be fun, exciting and adventurous. After all, it’s your vacation too and you want your kids to have a good time at every step along the way. Maybe you make the travel to the destination part of the adventure too. In this regard, driving could be more fun than flying.

Yes, the excitement of going into an airplane is fun too, especially for young kids, but taking a road trip is adventurous and fun in a different way. If you want to make it even more fun, why not consider traveling in a small RV rental?

How Much Does it Cost?

Booking plane tickets for a family of four is often more expensive than hitting the road and paying for gas along the way.

However, if you’re driving a far distance, like across the country, you also need to factor in costs for hotel rooms and meals along the way. Your flight could very well end up being the same cost, or even cheaper than it would be to drive. 

Alternatively, choosing to drive in an RV would eliminate the hotel costs and help cut down on the cost of meals since you could just buy groceries for the trip and cook in your RV.

You would have to factor in the cost of the RV rental as well, so it may not end up being that much cheaper, but it would definitely add an extra level of adventure to your family trip.