NEOM Airlines to Launch in 2024

NEOM Airlines to Launch in 2024

DALLAS — New Saudi Arabian carrier NEOM Airlines says it will begin operating in 2024 from the futuristic city of NEOM in northwestern Saudia Arabia.

Klaus Goersch, the airline’s CEO and a former COO of British Airways (BA) and Air Canada (AC), revealed the plans and ambitions of the airline.

Operations will initially begin from the existing NEOM Bay Airport (NUM), which is already open with Saudia flights domestically and flights to London and Dubai, before moving to the soon-to-be-built Neom International Airport.

The airline will initially retrofit existing aircraft with existing technology to quickly service the demand from the resorts going live in early 2024. However, from 2026 onwards, the airline plans to invest in ultra-modern aircraft, “whether electric, hydrogen-powered, or supersonic,” equipped with next-generation interiors.

The upcoming airline plans to redefine in-flight entertainment with 6G Wi-Fi, large screens at every seat, in-seat gaming, and chat technology incorporated into aircraft.

“This new future is what we are building in the North West of Saudi Arabia. The goal is to make the traveler’s journey as seamless as possible.”

Klaus Goersch, NEOM Airlines CEO
Photo: NEOM via Facebook

A Techy Airline for a Futuristic Gigacity

NEOM Airlines will serve Saudi Arabia’s futuristic city, NEOM, a US$500 bn futuristic gigacity being built in the country’s northwestern desert by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

Apart from investing in sustainable aviation and novel aircraft, the airline says it is also planning to use biometric facial recognition technology to replace departure gates and make travel visa-free.

“Just imagine if your bags were collected from your home or office and delivered to the hotel or residence you were going to,” said Goersch. “Imagine if biometrics were advanced enough to recognize you via facial recognition as soon as you walked in a building, security clearing you for travel without the need for even going through a gate – let alone having to bother with a visa.”

NEOM Airlines says it aims to provide a seamless and innovative travel experience for its passengers, and with ambitious plans and investments in modern technology, it aims to redefine the air travel industry.

Feature Image: NEOM

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