Mumbai International Airport Is 100% Green

Mumbai International Airport Is 100% Green

DALLAS – Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport (BOM) energy requirements have been sourced through green, clean channels, making it 100% sustainable.

5% of the total energy needs are powered by its very own solar generation farm, while the remaining 95% is from other green sources like hydro and wind. With the news, the airport has repeatedly held the title on many occasions as the world’s busiest single-runway airport, and now it’s got another badge to wear.

In April 2022, the airport’s natural energy procurement was at 57% green consumption and for the months of May and July, it shot up to 98%. In August it hit 100% utilization of renewable energy.

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Mumbai to go Net Zero by 2029

A CSMIA spokesperson commented: “We are extremely delighted to achieve this key milestone in our journey towards attaining a sustainable future for CSMIA. Quick wins do not create high-level of impact on the environment, thus, CSMIA has always been determined to focus on long-term transformations.” as stated on

“As CSMIA aspires to become net-zero by 2029, this landmark event further encourages us to stay committed to our efforts in enhancing the operational efficiency of the airport while operating on fully renewable energy,” the spokesperson added.  

As a first, the airport installed a 1.06 MW rooftop solar power plant, which was later rated up to 4.66 MW. BOM has a clear roadmap ahead to achieve the ” Net Zero Carbon Emission” by the year 2029. The airport is managed by Adani Airport Holdings. On Sept. 17, it handled a record number of passengers (130,374) since the pandemic of 2020.

Mumbai joins the list of growing green airports in India. Kerala’s Kochi Airport (COK) was not just the first on this list but the first in the entire world to be powered solely by renewable sources. New Delhi’s Indira Gandhi Airport (DEL) came in second when it achieved 100% earlier this June.

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