LONDONAirways last night took another bold step in launching another social media platform to communicate with our readers.

As part of our #AirwaysToExcellence survey that the magazine put out a few weeks ago, one consistent thing that the team noticed was that you wanted to get to know us more and interact with us.

Well say no more! Airways is pleased to announce that last night we launched our brand new Discord server!

This is so then we can get in touch with our readers as well as people being able to make new friends and more, especially in times of lockdown.

We have different channels on offer such as our General and Aviation Photography rooms!

The General chat will be for any topics both in and out of the aviation industry, whereas the Aviation Photography can be used to showcase your own work to 100+ members on the server already!

To join the server, please follow this link:

From there, you will be prompted to accept our rules of the server before being able to communicate with everyone.

Other than that, make sure to join the server. We look forward to communicating with you! Safe travels!

The Airways Team!