Embraer E175-E2. Photo: Embraer.

LONDON – Embraer continues to record low delivery numbers in the wake of the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic.

17 jets were delivered in total during the second quarter of 2020 (2Q20), breaking down into 13 executive jets and four commercial aircraft.

Of the four commercial aircraft, two were the E190-E2 and the other two E175-E1 aircraft.

Throughout the entirety of 2020 so far, the manufacturer has delivered just nine commercial units, amounting to around 1.28 deliveries per month.

Air-To-Air shot of PR-ZEY, the E190-E2 testbed aircraft.

Backlog Orders

As of June 30 this year, current backlog for orders with Embraer are valued at $15.4 billion, representing around 314 units left to go.

This represents 159 E175s, four E190-E1s, 11 E190-E2s and 140 E195-E2 aircraft.

One positive thing to note was the fact the manufacturer delivered its 1,600th E-Jet, with Helvetic Airways (2L) being the lucky customer to receive such an aircraft.

This marks the fourth of 12 E2 aircraft for 2L, with the airline having purchase rights for another 12 E190-E2, and conversion rights to the larger E195-E2.

Helvetic Airways E190-E2

Helvetic Airways E2 Upgrades

The Switzerland-based carrier has signed a commitment with Embraer to upgrade the remaining four orders of its Embraer E2 aircraft.

Commenting on the news was Tobias Pogorevc, the CEO of Helvetic Airways, who emphasized the great balance the manufacturer strikes with its aircraft.

“The Embraer E195-E2 strikes a good balance between seating capacity, range, fuel consumption and environmentally friendly operation. With between 120 and 150 seats, it has virtually no competition in the regional aircraft segment.”

“Operating a single fleet – in terms of the cockpit – with varying seating capacities will enable us to expand our organization’s operational flexibility and autonomy.”

These aircraft will aid in Helvetic’s fleet replacement plan, transitioning from the carrier’s current fleet of 11 first-generation E190s to an all E2-Jet fleet.

Embraer E-Jet Series

The E-Jet series entered service in 2004, and over 15 years later, the industry’s most successful aircraft in the 70-150 seat market is still serving in the fleets of 80 airlines spanning 50 countries.

Since its introduction, the series’ order books have seen nearly 2,000 entries from over 100 customers. Furthermore, the E-jet fleet has flown over 30m hours, at an impressive 99.9% mission completion rate.

Overall, the low delivery numbers are not just an issue that stems from Embraer only.

Low Numbers Across Manufacturers

It is keen to note that the likes of Boeing and Airbus are also feeling such a pinch, because airlines are not taking deliveries of aircraft like they were last year.

At points, it even got to the point where lawsuits were being threatened over to airlines if they did not carry on accepting deliveries.

It is difficult, especially in times like the COVID-19 pandemic, to find that balance between airlines preserving their cash flow and manufacturers ensuring that there is some revenue stream coming through.