Courtesy of Bombardier.

LONDON – Bombardier’s President of Commercial Aircraft, Fred Cromer, said to media that they expect the newly revamped version of the CRJ-900 regional jet to achieve a victory of “half or more” of the market against its competitors.

These remarks were made public following Delta’s order for 20 CRJ-900s with upgraded cabins.

Courtesy of Bombardier.

With this, Bombardier will be expecting to progress further in the 76-seater market against similar regional aircraft.

“We should be targeting half or better. That’s a good target for us. Half or more” enthused Cromer.

“The current E175 has been very successful in the U.S. market, where Embraer has sold over 400 units since 2013,” he explained.

CSeries vs. CRJ Program

With Airbus taking the majority stake in the CSeries program, Bombardier is now repositioning themselves as a company by placing a focus on securing regional jet and turboprop orders with a mixture of hard-sell, and cost-cutting plans. This area of the manufacturer has combined orders in hand for around 100 planes.

“I think there was a perception, depending on which version of the CRJ that the airline was operating, that the Embraer was new and an upgraded cabin versus the CRJ experience and I think we responded to that very effectively with the Atmosphere cabin. There’s no reason why we shouldn’t be saying we can attack half the market,” said Cromer.

This is important strategizing for Bombardier ahead of the Farnborough Air Show in July.

Airbus can do the heavy lifting with the CSeries program, while Bombardier secures the orders that they need to keep or establish a lead in the regional market.

Cromer believes that the new cabins installed onto the new CRJ900s will make the aircraft more competitive against the E175, in which some airlines order for the style of cabin rather than the aircraft type itself.