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MIAMI – Boeing has released its 4th Quarter and 2019 year-end aircraft deliveries numbers, which were tremendously hurt by the ongoing 737 MAX crisis that has forced the grounding and halted its production.

As seen in Boeing’s official tally below, it is clear that the North American planemaker has severely suffered from the grounding of its 737 MAX program, with only delivering a total of 380 planes for the whole year.

Photo: Chuyi Chuang

Last year, before the Boeing 737 MAX crisis unfolded, the company had reported 806 aircraft being delivered in 2018, smashing its 2017 record of 763 deliveries. 

This year, however, the majority of the manufacturer’s deliveries were led by the 787 Dreamliner program, responsible for 158 jets that were delivered out to worldwide customers.

Never Before So Far Behind Airbus

Boeing’s total deliveries are tremendously behind its European counterpart, Airbus. The European planemaker managed to deliver 863 commercial planes, an 8% increase compared to 2018’s 718 deliveries.

Alongside the aircraft deliveries, Airbus also reported an extremely successful year with acquiring 1,131 new aircraft orders and 768 net orders, which now brings its current order backlog to 7,482 aircraft.

Photo: Clément Alloing

Airbus delivered those 863 aircraft to 99 different customers worldwide, which for Airbus is its 17th yearly production increase in a row. Out of those 863 jets, 173 of them were widebodies, which is Airbus’ highest amount of widebody aircraft ever delivered in a single year.

But as Dominic Gates from The Seattle Times notes, Boeing’s numbers don’t reflect total production. “Boeing built around 400 of its 737 MAXs, but with the jet grounded they were parked with their engines and inlets wrapped for long-term storage. Boeing cannot deliver them,” Gates said.

Therefore, the Boeing 737 MAX crisis has placed Airbus on the top of the world as the number-one airplane manufacturer for the first time in its history.