MIAMI – Boeing announced today major program deliveries made across its commercial and defense operations for Q2 2020.

According to Boeing, the diversity of its portfolio including its government services, defense, and space programs will provide some stability as it navigates through the pandemic and rebuilds stronger on the other side.

Boeing 737 Max9 Photo: Brandon Farris

Statement from Boeing

Boeing Executive Vice President of Enterprise Operations, chief financial officer and interim leader of Communications said, “Our commercial airplane deliveries in the second quarter reflect the significant impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on our customers and our operations that included a shutdown of our commercial airplane production for several weeks.”

In addition, the VP assured that the company will continue to work with its customers on specific timing and adjustment to deliveries. “We continue to closely monitor the commercial marketplace by staying very engaged with our customers around the globe to fully understand the short term and long term requirements.”

Boeing 737 Max8 taking off from Renton. Photo: Boeing

Major Program Deliveries

Major Programs2nd Quarter
Date 2020
Commercial Airplanes Programs
Defense, Space & Security Programs
AH-64 Apache (New)911
AH-64 Apache (Remanufactured)1832
CH-47 Chinook (New)615
CH-47 Chinook (Renewed)1
F-15 Models33
F/A-18 Models49
KC-46 Tanker16
P-8 Models36
Commercial and Civil Satellites
Military Satellites
Boeing 737 Max8 during the flight Photo: Boeing

No More 737 Max for Blue Air

According to Boeing data released on Tuesday, the manufacturer had 60 737 MAX order cancelations in June. Amongst them, also the 6 MAXs which should have gone to Romania’s low-cost operator Blue Air (0B).

Apart from those 6 for Blue Air (0B), other 737 MAX cancelations in June include 30 for BOC Aviation (lessor), 17 for Avolon (lessor), 5 for ACG (lessor) and 2 more for unidentified customers.

Moreover, in the same month, all but 5 cancelations received by Boeing were for 737 MAXs. For Q1 2020, Boeing received cancelations for 805 MAX orders.