LONDON – Boeing has unveiled what looks to be a much stronger Orders and Deliveries for August 2018.

This comes after the manufacturer announced a record low for July 2018.

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July saw Boeing record 25 units ordered and only 39 units delivered, 29 of which were from the 737 programs alone.

Now, the results are much stronger for August 2018, something Boeing will like to see.

The manufacturer received 99 orders, 90 of which for the 737, one for the 777 and eight for the 787 program overall.

Air Lease Corporation ordered 30 737MAXs on Aug 6, followed by three 787-9’s two days later.

Aviation Capital Group ordered 20 737MAXs on Aug 16, thus giving the program even more of a boost.

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The Boeing Capital Corporation ordered one 777 Freighter and five 787-9s as well as an unidentified customer ordering 40 737MAXs.

Deliveries spiked up to 64 units in the month of August, averaging a better 16 aircraft per week compared to the poor rate of 9.75 aircraft per week.

48 of the 64 went to the 737 program, two to the 767 program, six to the 777 and eight to the 787 overall. 

The most received customer of aircraft for the month went to Xiamen Airlines who received four 737MAXs, one on Aug 9, one on Aug 30 and two on Aug 31.

In-all, this is very good news for Boeing and they can now continue to focus on stabilising the delivery rate so then they do not have another slow month again.

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On the orders front, it remains strong but we will have to see what orders will be secured for the month of September overall.

With Hurricane Florence hitting North Charleston, it will be interesting to see whether delivery numbers are affected or not.