MIAMI – Airbus has expanded its sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) operation to include deliveries. So far, the operation has only encompassed the Belugas based at Hamburg.

However, today, Airbus and Air Transat broke the encompassment with two Airbus A321LR delivered to Montreal.

Airbus A321LR. Photo: Airbus

Comments from AerCap

“We are very pleased to be a part of this historic milestone, working together with our partners at Airbus and with our long-time customer, Air Transat, to help them meet their sustainable growth ambitions,” said Philip Scruggs, President and Chief Commercial Officer of AerCap.

“AerCap is committed to facilitating the move towards more sustainable air travel underpinned by its target to transition its fleet to approximately two-thirds new technology aircraft by 2021.”

Airbus’ SAF scheme has been running successfully with their Beluga fleet since December 2019, and this delivery marks the next stage of SAF, making Airbus the only manufacturer offering customers the opportunity to have their aircraft delivered with sustainable fuels.

The offer has been available since 2016 for aircraft deliveries from Toulouse, France. The Airbus facility in Mobile, Alabama, also has this option.

Statement from Airbus

“Sustainability and efficiency are essential for our customers and for Airbus. Sustainable aviation fuel developments will play a key role in reducing the environmental footprint of the aviation industry.”

“By using sustainable aviation fuels on delivery flights with partners like AerCap and Air Transat, who are flying the aircraft from Hamburg to their Canadian home base nonstop, we take concrete action to contribute to a more sustainable aviation future,” said Christian Scherer, Chief Commercial Officer Airbus.

Photo: Air Transat

Carbon Neutral Delivery Flights

The two delivery flights are entirely carbon neutral; the remaining Kerosine fuel emissions offset using carbon credits.

“It is an honor for us and a sign of confidence from Airbus to be its first customer to take advantage of this new delivery option at its Hamburg plant,” said Jean-François Lemay, President and General Manager, Air Transat.

“This initiative is part of our commitment to reducing our own carbon footprint while contributing to the achievement of the airline industry’s ambitious decarbonization targets.”