MIAMI – Airbus has released its order and delivery numbers for June 2019, which has been dubbed as “a significant mid-year boost,” largely attributed to the success it had at the Paris Air Show last month.

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The manufacturer secured 145 single-aisle jetliner orders for the A320 and A220 families, some of which was handed to the new A321XLR variant that was launched at the show.

A total of 44 units of the new variant were ordered, with the likes of American Airlines ordering 20 (plus 30 options), Qantas opting for 10, Iberia for eight, and Aer Lingus for six.

The American Airlines order was that of significance as it would shut down any progression for the new NMA aircraft Boeing intend on launching in the next few years.

Even so, the A321XLR will begin deliveries in 2023, which is still two years before the NMA is launched on the other side of the pond, offering a significant headstart to proceedings.

As for the A320neo family, 86 units were sold, featuring 23 A320neos and 13 A321neos to an undisclosed customer.

Other orders came from the likes of Saudi Arabian Airlines, who ordered 30 A320neos, followed by All Nippon Airways for 18 units of the same type as well as concluding with two A320neos for Atlantic Airways.

The A220 also saw some success in June, with JetBlue Airways ordering 10 more -300s, followed by Delta Air Lines adding to the order book with five more -300s.

Deliveries On The Rise

As far as deliveries are concerned, a total of 76 planes were delivered in the month of June, 54 of which belonged to the A320neo/ceo family.

Highlights of interest in that segment were the first A321neo for JetBlue, with the A220 striking again with six more units delivered.

On the wide-body front, the A350 took center stage when it came to numbers. 10 units were delivered to different carriers, including both the -900 and -1000 variants.

Highlights of the month were for the inaugural -900s for both China Southern Airlines and Japan Airlines, who will be beginning its domestic networks with these aircraft.

Concluding the wide-body count was the deliveries of five A330neo aircraft as well as one A380.

Current backlog for the manufacturer remains at a very strong 7,276 aircraft as of the end of June. This is broken down to 5,871 A320 Family aircraft, 473 A220s, 605 A350XWBs, 275 A330s, and 52 A380s.

Overall, June was a very strong month for Airbus, not just on the order side through the help of the Paris Air Show, but on the delivery side as well.

Production remains consistent to be able to provide such numbers. Deliveries will most definitely dip for July due to the manufacturer showcasing a lot of orders at the show.

For now, Airbus can continue to boost its numbers, especially in the wake of a period stricken with the crisis on the other side of the pond has crippled the competition.