MIAMI — The first Airbus A319neo (D-AVWA • MSN 6464) has successfully completed its maiden flight today.

The aircraft left Hamburg Finkenwerder at 11:13 local time, and it flew four hours and fifty-five minutes before landing in Toulouse.

The smallest member of the neo family aircraft was commanded by the Experimental test pilots Michel Gagneux and Eckard Hausser. They were assisted in the cockpit by Test-Flight Engineer Jean-Michel Pin, while two flight test engineers Sylvie Loisel-Labaste and David O’nions directed the flight from the aircraft’s Test Engineer station.

For its first flight, the test crew assessed the aircraft’s flight envelope, its general handling, and systems operation.

The A320neo, powered by Pratt & Whitney PW1100G-JM engines, was the first variant in the NEO Family to receive the type certification, followed by its entry into service in January 2016 with launch operator Lufthansa.

The A320neo was followed by the A321neo, which received its type certification earlier this month for the CFM LEAP-1A-powered variant. The A321neo readies its entry into service with China Southern Airlines in a lease from ILFC.

To date, the A319neo has reaped 55 aircraft, with Avianca and Frontier Airlines as the largest customers with 25 and 18 aircraft each.