LONDON – Airbus unveiled its delivery and order numbers for the 2018 year-end. The manufacturer achieved 800 commercial aircraft deliveries to 93 different customers and sold 747 planes.

This 800 number is divulged into 20 Airbus A220s since it became part of the Airbus family in July 2018, 626 A320 Family aircraft, 49 A330s, 93 A350s, and 12 A380s.

Photo: Clément Alloing

This represents an 11% increase compared to 2017, when 718 units were delivered.

For the 16th year in a row, the manufacturer has increased the number of commercial aircraft deliveries annually.

On the orders front, Airbus’ numbers have dipped considerably from 1,109 in 2017 to only 747 in 2018.

Photo: Clément Alloing

Backlog for the manufacturer remains higher with a new industry record of 7,577 compared to 7,265 at the end of 2017.

Guillaume Faury, the President Airbus’ Commercial wing was very respectful about the numbers.

“Despite significant operational challenges, Airbus continued its production ramp-up and delivered a record number of aircraft in 2018. I salute our teams around the globe who worked until the end of the year to meet our commitments,” he said.

He continued with his gratitude for those all involved within Airbus.

“I am equally pleased about the healthy order intake as it shows the underlying strength of the commercial aircraft market and the trust our customers are placing in us. My gratitude goes out to all of them for their ongoing support.”

Photo: Clément Alloing

“As we look to further increase our industrial efficiency, we will continue making the digitalisation of our business a key priority,” he concluded.

Airbus believes that the increase in deliveries has been through the expansion of production lines into other countries.

Final assembly lines in Hamburg, Toulouse, Tianjin, Mobile, and Mirabel have all contributed to far healthier delivery numbers.

Photo: Clément Alloing

Some achievements of note were the 100th delivery out of the Mobile plant, as well as the 400th A320 Delivery from FAL Asia in Tianjin.

Another achievement was the Airbus A350 production rate target of 10 per month being achieved.

In terms of the future, the A320 program is on track to hit 60 aircraft per month by mid-2019.

Photo: Clément Alloing

Overall, Airbus has had a good year on the deliveries front, but orders will need a significant booster.

The manufacturer will have good opportunities for this over the course of the year, with the likes of the Paris Air Show emerging in the next six months.

Photo: Clément Alloing

The next big thing we will look at, which will be coming in next month, is the full year 2018 financial results for the manufacturer. It will be interesting to see whether revenues were heavily affected by the lower number of orders recorded last year.

For now, Airbus are remaining steady but will no doubt be keen to regain some momentum on the orders front for sure.