Boeing 737-800BCF

MIAMI – Aircraft Finance Germany (AFG) has signed an agreement with Boeing to order two 737-800 Boeing Converted Freighters (BCF).

The order is part of the company’s strategy to respond to long-term express cargo demand. In 2019, AFG announced its entry into this market.

Interior of Boeing 737-800 BCF of Amazon Prime Air at Paris Air Show 2019. Photo: Matti Blume.

AFG-Boeing Win-Win Decision

In light of the current changes in the aviation industry, AFG’s Head of Freighter Trading, Peter Koster said the 737-800BCF would give the company the opportunity to serve a growing market.

Besides the dynamic of cargo market, Koster believes that the “workhorse” can efficiently fit into most operators’ fleets.

On its part, Boeing’s Senior VP of Commercial Sales and Marketing, Ihssane Mounir said AFG’s investment in BCF program was a great way to extend platform’s life.

Cargo market is expected to grow in the short-term as a consequence of COVID-19’s travel restrictions. Photo: Wiki Commons.

AFG Eyes on The Cargo Market

Despite cargo demand increased due to recent travel restrictions, AFG already wanted to invest in the sector.

In 2019, the company created the position that Koster now holds (Head of Freighter Trading) to extend its portfolio.

As pandemic will affect industry beyond 2020-2021, the business’ market decision and today’s announcement gain even more value.

Boeing 737-800BCF at PIA 2019, Le Bourget. Photo: Wiki Commons.

Boeing 737-800BCF Performance

The aircraft is based on the Boeing Next-Generation 737. Thus, it features lower fuel consumption and better reliability than other freighters.

In performance, the 737-800BCF can carry 23.9 tons (52,800lbs) and fly 2,000 nautical miles (3,750 km).

Beyond the AFG-Boeing agreement fot two aircraft, the aircraft’s demand reached 130 orders since 2018.

Currently, 34 coverted freighter deliveries took place allocated in 10 customers.