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Unveiling the all-new

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Unveiling the all-new

Unveiling the all-new
June 20
15:50 2016

To our loyal subscribers, readers, and followers:

After an ultra long haul journey of 22 years of non stop publication, Airways Magazine has become one of the very last-standing commercial aviation magazines based in the United States, though our focus and readership is worldwide.

It hasn’t been an easy task. We survived the recession and got out of it stronger, with a loyal base of subscribers, an increased distribution, and a business plan that will keep us soaring high for many years to come. 

Nearly two years ago, we launched, our powerful online news source, in collaboration with, which itself launched in 2003. 

Our online presence took our reach to even further destinations, becoming one of the world’s top-3 most read English-based websites devoted solely to the commercial aviation news industry, according to multiple analytics.

The Airways brand has not only strengthened over the last two years, but has also become a reference for those within the industry and a vested interest in it. Our stories have been picked up and we have been quoted in many world-class news outlets, such as CNN, Fox News, Forbes, Airline Weekly, CAPA, Time Magazine, The Washington Post, Yahoo Travel, and Business Insider. Our content has become a ‘must’ read by industry professionals, stakeholders, high value flyers, and enthusiasts.

Airways has aggressively been granted privileged access to unique, first-time events, broke numerous stories, and delivered deep dive analysis. All this has resulted in record-breaking traffic and engagement numbers. If it happens in the industry, it happens on Airways. We are, and will be there: on the ground and in the air.

Therefore, after carefully studying the great potential our combined print and online products have together, it gives us great pleasure to announce the launch of the all-new, re-branded, updated, and powered

This new site, which brings the best of both print, app, and online content, will reach further territories with a user-friendly interface that’s linked to social media feeds and multi-media features. We have also upgraded and streamlined the comments section as we encourage participation in our stories. 

All our printed back issues will progressively become available online, as well as premium content carefully crafted for our audience.

Over the next few months, our archive content will continuously be migrated to the new site, strengthening our backlog of news, articles, and features that have placed us along the top news outlets in the industry.

Our combined, powerful, and respected social media feeds are standing on top of the industry with over 160,000 followers on Facebook, over 66,000 on Twitter, and 26,000 on Instagram. And thanks to our successful campaign of covering live events through our @AirwaysNews Twitter account, we have decided to re-brand it @AirwaysLive and continue offering live feeds of those exclusive events we have access to as well as real-time industry news. Our @AirwaysMagazine feed will continue to be your day-to-day source of news, photos, multimedia and much more. Both feeds on Facebook and Twitter will continue to operate in parallel. 

For a short time, our Airchive historical gallery will be offline as we revamp and reorganize it into a more user-friendly layout.

Airways is a unique brand with a strong history, and the new will capitalize from the legacy, recognition, and its prestigious worldwide crew of 65+ passionate individuals who feel identified with the brand, its concept, and the idea of being part of an industry that moves us all, inside and out. 

Please excuse the inevitable turbulence that comes with crossing such jetstreams as this significant relaunch is a work in progress. What you are seeing is really version 1.0 as we incorporate exciting news feature like video, real time news feeds, and podcasts into the mix over the next few months. Please reach out to us with your feedback. Constructive comments are always appreciated.

We hope you’ll enjoy and be informed by this exciting new phase in our lives and continue flying on board the Airways ship on this new adventure.

Enrique Perrella
Publisher & Editor in Chief

Chris Sloan Managing Editor & Sr Partner

Chris Sloan
Managing Editor & Sr Partner


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  1. Melvin Ramos
    Melvin Ramos June 21, 09:38

    Congratulations on your new website! It’s amazing!

  2. Phoenix
    Phoenix June 21, 19:33

    Congratulations! Website looks great. Looking forward to the same great content AW has always been known for.

  3. David McGrath
    David McGrath June 21, 20:57

    Nice one Enrique and team. It looks great, well done. David McGrath

  4. Jim Edgar
    Jim Edgar June 21, 22:32

    I find the continual “pop-up” subscription ad to the right of the screen very, very distracting and annoying and would suggest something less visually active (maybe just a static picture than the continually changing images?)

  5. Enrique Perrella
    Enrique Perrella June 22, 15:29

    Thanks for your comment, Jim. We’ll take action right away. Please let us know if anything else comes to mind. ^EP

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