Welcome to the all-new Airways Magazine web portal!

Our Managing Editor, Chris Sloan, and I are very proud to see how one of the most ambitious projects since our team took the reigns of the Airways ship has finally launched. Working closely with our worldwide team of contributors, editors, and operations team, we finally see our new website up and running.

However, as we mentioned in Monday’s opening letter, there’s still a long way to go. All the content from the old legacy AirwaysNews.com archive content will continuously be migrated to the new site, strengthening our backlog of news, articles, and features that have placed us along the top news outlets in the industry.

We have undertaken a major layout redesign, including a completely different structure that will make the user experience exponentially better. 

To that end, you may have noticed that only content from 2016 was migrated from the old, to the new website. That’s equal to nearly 500 articles that are currently live; but we still have a long journey ahead of us, with over 2,000 stories to migrate that were originally written since the site’s origins, in 2013.

Our cornerstone Airchive gallery will return to the site soon as well. We will have these projects completed over the Summer. 

Once we reach cruising altitude, our IT team will closely monitor the behavior of our new portal and continuously migrate content, starting from 2015 all the way back to 2013. For this reason, if you find that some articles that you’ve read in the past are not published, we kindly ask you to be patient as we’re working diligently in making each story look well.

The new Airways portal brings you the very best of both our print, app, social, and digital content—all created by a unique group of passionate and loyal professionals, without whom none of this would be possible.

We’re proud to be associated with a staff of superb writers, editors, and photographers, all of which are positive brand ambassadors with a humble passion for aviation and an interest in the greater endeavor. All these attributes from each and every one of our contributors, make Airways the best commercial aviation publication in the world, covering a Global Review of Commercial Flight since 1994.

And it’s important to highlight that these contributors are the ones who make our print and digital pages valuable. That’s why we have created a space where each of them are featured along with their published stories. I invite you to visit our Staff page and put a face on all those names you’ve become familiar with over the last three years.

In the meantime, our lines remain open for suggestions, ideas, and comments on the new site. And, if you think you’ve got what’s needed to create a powerful story, contact us. We always welcome new, enthusiastic, and aviation-driven writers, photographers, and editors. The Airways doors will always be open to you.

Enrique Perrella
Publisher & Editor in Chief
Chris Sloan Managing Editor & Sr Partner
Chris Sloan
Managing Editor & Sr Partner