Lufthansa to Close the A380 Chapter for Good

Lufthansa to Close the A380 Chapter for Good

DALLAS – The end for Lufthansa’s (LH) Airbus A380 is here. Group CEO, Carsten Spohr, comes to a final decision to retire them for good.

Spohr mentioned this in an interview with Der Spiegel, Germany’s largest news website. “That’s finally over, Compared to the latest twin-engine long-haul jets, the A380 is too uneconomical. Lufthansa won’t be making it again.”

“She won’t come back at Lufthansa.”

At the onset of the COVID pandemic, all the 14 Airbus A380s were pulled out of service and were stored in Teruel, Spain for over two years. “Of our 14 A380s, six have already been sold,” says Spohr. “These planes are leaving us this year and next. We will also part with the other eight.”

The six that have already been sold will go back to Airbus in October this year. The airline is focusing strongly on the next generation of widebody jets, the Airbus A350-900 and the 787-9, which have yet to join the fleet.

Lufthansa D-AIMC Airbus A380-841. Photo: Luca Flores/Airways

Demand Surge at Lufthansa

As a result of the ongoing war in Ukraine, kerosene prices are rising drastically. Passengers have to be prepared for higher ticket prices. “I’m assuming that flying will continue to become more expensive,” said the CEO, as nearly 30% of the flight cost accounts for the fuel itself.

Regardless of the above, travel demand is surging at LH; more business travelers have returned than assumed. Spohr added, “We only expect a ten percent decrease compared to the time before the pandemic.”

Featured image: Lufthansa D-AIMC Airbus A380. Photo: Luca Flores/Airways

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