Looking Ahead to the Farnborough Airshow

Looking Ahead to the Farnborough Airshow

FARNBOROUGH – As we look towards the beginning of the highly anticipated Farnborough Airshow 2022, let’s examine what aircraft we expect to see and possible large-scale orders for aircraft manufacturers.

Before the start of the Airshow, some of the latest-generation aircraft had been sent by Airbus, ATR, Boeing, Embraer, and Piaggio, among others.

Following the cancellation of the Farnborough Airshow in 2020 due to COVID-19, tremendous excitement is building among aviation enthusiasts and travelers.

The Airshow will be full of exciting flight demonstrations, aircraft orders, and announcements of developments in the aviation industry. Stay tuned for more live coverage of the Airshow from our team at Farnborough.

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Photo: Michael Rodeback/Airways

Boeing’s MAX Tension

Boeing has decided to send its 777-9 and 737-10 MAX to Farnborough, two aircraft types in the spotlight, as the aircraft manufacturer, quickly inches towards certification deadlines.

A mainstay of Boeing’s presence at airshows worldwide, the 777-9 wows aviation enthusiasts and onlookers alike as it makes ultra-steep takeoff climbs to showcase the aircraft’s abilities. 

Sneak previews of practice runs by Boeing at the airshow have circulated online, creating a buzz among aviation enthusiasts anxiously awaiting the start of the airshow.

The 737-10 MAX will debut at the Farnborough Airshow as tension builds up regarding the aircraft’s ongoing certification process.

Last week, the aircraft manufacturer’s Chief Executive Officer, David Calhoun, divulged in an interview with Aviation Week the tense situation between the United States Congress and Boeing.

In 2023, new certification reforms stipulate that new aircraft must comply with the latest crew alert regulations required by the Federal Aviation Administration. 

That gives Boeing until the end of the year to obtain certification for the 737-10 MAX before the new regulations go into effect, requiring Boeing to add additional safety technology to the aircraft’s cockpits.

In the interview, Calhoun said, “The [737-10] is a little bit of an all-or-nothing. “I think our case is persuasive enough [to be granted an extension]… This is a risk I’m willing to take. If I lose the fight, I lose the fight.”

The high-stakes situation the aircraft finds itself in will create a strong undertone as the aircraft soars through British skies this week.

Photo: Siddharth Ganesh/Airways

Airbus Looks to the A350

This year, Airbus has chosen to send two A350-900 aircraft, one from ITA Airways in its stunning blue livery, and the ‘Airspace Explorer,’ a flight test platform dedicated to demonstrating new cabin technologies.

The ‘Airspace Explorer’ has been a focal point of Airbus’ Airshow displays since its launch in September of 2021. Since then, it has traveled to the Dubai Airshow in November of 2021 and Berlin’s ILA Show in June of this year. 

The aircraft flew throughout India, including Mumbai, Delhi, and Hyderabad, to showcase the new ‘Airspace’ cabin. Unconfirmed rumors by different media sources hint that Air India (AI) could be nearing a deal with Airbus for A350 aircraft.

Such a deal would be a breakthrough for Airbus into the fleet of AI, which has long stayed loyal to Boeing through orders for 777 and 787-8 aircraft. 

Additional rumors, published recently by various media outlets, suggest that LOT Polish Airlines (LO) will order upwards of 60 A220 aircraft to replace its aging regional Embraer aircraft.

Photo: Embraer

Diving with the Embraer Shark

The most striking special liveries of an aircraft manufacturer perhaps belong to Embraer, which has painted its newest aircraft, the E190-E2, and E195-E2 as the ‘Tech Shark’ and ‘Tech Lion.’ 

Embraer has sent its E190-E2 to Farnborough from its base of operations in São Paulo, with fuel stops in Recife and Espargos. 

The aircraft features a stunning tech shark design on the nose as one of the latest ‘Profit Hunter’ demonstrator aircraft. 

Embraer is taking a more prominent role in Airshows following the departure of Bombardier from commercial aircraft development.  

The Brazillian company will highlight its products and services for commercial, executive, defense, and security aviation.

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