MIAMI – As demand for new kinds of urban transportation grows, European consortium TindAIR has launched its activities, with a focus on developing solutions for urban air mobility.

TindAIR, which stands for Tactical Instrumental Deconfliction And In-flight Resolution, is a new European project for large-scale demonstrations on urban air mobility.

As stated in a press release made public today, “a group of innovative companies and research laboratories from France, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom, coordinated by Innov’ATM under the aegis of the SESAR Joint Undertaking, have
teamed up to launch TindAIR, a series of very large-scale demonstrations on urban air mobility, with a focus on strategic deconfliction.”

The demand for unmanned aircraft, such air taxis and drones, has been gaining a lot of ground recently, according to the release.

Headquarters of the European Commission in Brussels (Berlaymont building). Photo: EmDee – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

TindAIR Objectives are Safety, Acceptance

Despite being a low-emission form of transportation, there are many challenges for urban air transport. These include the integration with air traffic control of manned aircraft. It is in this framework that the TindAIR project – a very large-scale demonstration project as per the release – has been launched.

“The objective is to demonstrate that the acceptance of this new “traffic” in urban areas is possible while ensuring the safety and respecting the privacy of people and property. The aim is also to show how this new and complex environment can be integrated safely with existing manned aviation and air traffic control,” the release said.

The consortium plans on making demonstrations regarding different scenarios that cover situations where both manned and unmanned aircraft coexist.

“Operational scenarios will address existing urban needs or compelling use cases, from medical emergency transport to a mix of freight and passenger flights, including extreme cases like sector saturation capacity and emergency landing. And all this using aircraft of various types and capacities with varying levels of automation, all sharing the same volume of airspace,” the release stated.

Also, the demostrations will, per the release, be the “opportunity to demonstrate operations of a tactical conflict resolution service module that embeds an artificial intelligence algorithm.”

These demonstrations are scheduled for 2022, at surbuban areas of Bourdeaux and Toulouse, France.

Featured image: Citybus. Render: Airbus