MIAMI – Sustainable air travel technology provider SE Aeronautics has today unveiled its latest wide-body airliner model.

SE Aeronautics patent-pending technology is presented in the SE200, a mid-market wide-body aircraft that will carry up to 264 passengers, function as a light-weight regional or long range airliner with a non-stop range of 10,560 miles.

The innovative concept is a 100% monocoque molded airliner that represents a new generation of aircraft. As such, performance, sustainability, protection, comfort, and operating costs have all improved as a result of the company’s technical advancements.

SE 300, The World Greenest Airliner. Photo: SE Aeronautics

SE200 Concept

The latest SE200 aircraft has a light-tri wing configuration design to increase lift over drag, a tilting seat, and a new once-through air feed ventilation system. It is made up of a single solid-molded fuselage component that can float on water. Fuel is placed on top of the fuselage in self-sealing bladders rather than in the wings.

“The structure is all-composite, molded in one tough, safer piece,” said Lloyd Weaver, SE Aeronautics’ chief engineer. We also included super-thin, long wings, as well as full streamlining from head to tail. We took care of everything.”

The aircraft operates as a lightweight regional or long-range airliner, with a nonstop range of 10,560 miles and seating for 264 passengers. According to the firm, the new model would reduce fuel consumption by 70% and CO2 emissions per seat kilometer by 80%.

According to, SE aeronautic’s fuselage manufacturing includes one solid-molded component that is several times stronger than current aircraft, with a focus on protection. The latest design would halve the overall cost of an aircraft block hour and double its lifetime.

SE 300 Infographic. Source: SE Aeronautics

Bright Future for Aviation

“This aircraft will be the most practical, profitable, and permanent solution to the grossly underperforming airliner technology of today. Our manufacturing efficiency will allow us to produce our aircraft in significantly less time than the current traditional method. But the jewel in the crown is really our ability to get that fuel consumption rate down by 70%. We are going to revolutionize the industry,” says Tyler Mathews, CEO, SE Aeronautics.

Due to the latest architecture parts, the future of aviation in America will change radically. That is to say, more fuel-efficient aviation and a concept that focuses on performance, sustainability, and security will spearhead the future of air travel. SE Aeronautics is therefore at the cutting edge of a new wave of airplanes.

Featured image: SE200 from SE Aeronautics. Image: SE Aeronautics