MIAMI – London Heathrow Airport (LHR) announces it will look at how to incorporate Vertical’s electric VA-X4 aircraft into its operations. The initiative will be carried out while working with regulators and limiting neighborhood concerns.

For a total of US$5.4bn, Vertical Aerospace has preliminary agreements to sell 1,350 of its four-passenger, one-pilot VA-X4s to customers including LHR-based Virgin Atlantic (VS), according to

Electric vertical take-off and landing vehicles like the VA-X4, which are quieter, cleaner, and less expensive than helicopters, are expected to be tested in London, Tokyo, and Sao Paolo.

Vertical Aerospace’s VA-X4 eVTOL over London. Photo: Vertical Aerospace

Vertical’s VA-X4

With speeds over 200mph, near-silent when in flight, zero emissions, and low cost per passenger mile, the VA-X4 uses advanced avionics based on the same flight control technologies as the F35, one of the world’s only supersonic VTOL aircraft.

This, the company states, makes it easy to fly with high levels of automation and reduced pilot workload. The company also says that in heavily populated regions, neither cars nor public transport can cope with demand. That’s where eVTOLs come on the scene.

Vertical Aerospace’s VA-X4 eVTOL. Photo: Vertical Aerospace

Featured image: Vertical Aerospace’s VA-X4 eVTOL. Photo: Vertical Aerospace