MIAMI – With the awakening of electric flight to propel the future of aviation, the Royal Netherlands Aerospace Centre (NLR) is fully committed to striving towards making electric flight a reality with steady growth.

NLR, formerly known as the National Aerospace Laboratory, is an aerospace research organization of the Netherlands and is one of its major technological institutes.

A most recent headline is the first fully electric aircraft touchdown at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport (AMS) – one of the busiest airports worldwide. The e-powered aircraft is NLR’s very own Pipistrel Velis Electro, wearing registration PH-NLX, acquired in late 2020. As the Royal Schiphol Group states, “It’s a small aircraft, but a big step for the future of electric flight.”

The aircraft has now a packed schedule of constant experimental flights to research the technology, the actual flying, and the pilot’s perspective and experience both in the air and on the ground.

Project ‘Elektrisch Vliegen Rondje NL’ – Electric Tour of the Netherlandss

NLR carried out a mission from 24 to 31 August which consisted of five flights on its very own Pipestril Velis wherein the aircraft landed and took off at various airports in the regions of Central, South, North, West, and East Netherlands.

The very first flight was the most important which was from Rotterdam (RTM) to Amsterdam Schipol (AMS). It was a quick stop at the hanger to recharge the batteries before heading to Lelystad Airport (LEY).


NLR, Aviation’s Sustainability Mission

“During this Rondje Nederland, we visited various initiatives, projects, and activities in the field of electric and hybrid flying, and sustainable aviation in collaboration with the various airports.”

“We received the aircraft at the end of 2020 and our pilots have already completed several flying hours on it. Now we are really experiencing the aircraft in practice and researching technology, flying, and the pilot’s experience; in the air and on the ground.” the website states.

Research, observation, and innovations are essential for climate-neutral aviation. NLR and various other organizations and companies are also working on important developments in the field of electric flying. As stated on the website, it is NLR’s mission to contribute with innovative applications to practical solutions for sustainable, efficient, and safe aviation. One of the solutions is hybrid and electric propulsion of aircraft.

Featured image: Vlucht NLR pipistrel boven omgeving Rotterdam | NLR