MIAMI – For its current project, 328 Design GmbH and Deutsche Aircraft have appointed Maximilian Fahr as Supply Chain Director.

Fahr is driving the strategic development and growth of the supply chain activities of the D328eco program towards entry its into service.

Deutsche Aircraft D328Eco Photo: Deutsche Aircraft

Background on Fahr

Fahr has worked in various sectors, including aviation. He most recently held leadership positions in purchasing, quality and project management at Airbus where he contributed to the development, production and delivery of components for more than 3,000 Airbus aircraft in Europe and Asia.

He also ran his own financial and strategic consulting firm in Brazil. He then moved to Asia while working for Airbus, where he was responsible for local procurement and development support for Airbus in the region, including work at the A320 Final Assembly Line (FAL) in Tianjin, China.

Deutsche Aircraft D328Eco Photo: Deutsche Aircraft

The Development of the D328Eco

Fahr and his team are responsible for finding suitable partners for the program, implementing new technologies and new capabilities for the D328Eco in the future, and producing more efficient, economical and environmentally friendly aircraft through the creation of a more sustainable supply chain.

The objectives of the D328Eco are clear: to offer significant improvements in operating and maintenance costs and create substantial reductions in the overall carbon footprint, in line with Deutsche Aircraft’s vision and strategic roadmap to support a more sustainable future for aviation.

Deutsche Aircraft D328eco. Photo: Deutsche Aircraft

Statement from Deutsche Aircraft Managing Director

Dave Jackson, Deutsche Aircraft Managing Director, said, “Aviation is entering a new era and we are very proud to welcome new talent to the team who are going to rewrite the rules. We have a lot of challenges ahead, but the team’s dedication and passion for change is an undeniable advantage that will help us push boundaries and propose altogether new solutions to the market.”

The program, currently in the Preliminary Design Review phase, is focused on the maturity of new systems and materials required to support the aircraft specification. The regional aircraft program continues to be led out of Oberpfaffenhofen airport near Munich and planning work has commenced on establishment of the FAL at Leipzig Halle Airport.

Featured image: Deutsche Aircraft D328eco. Photo: Deutsche Aircraft