MIAMI – Blade Urban Air Mobility has entered into a firm agreement with Beta Technologies for the supply of 20 Beta Alia EVA (Electric Vertical Aircraft) as a replacement for helicopters flown for urban commuting in highly congested ground routes. This firm order makes Blade the first-ever passenger carrier using a Beta Alia EVA aircraft.

In a press release, Blade, which has a consistent background and experience in urban commuting, details the aim behind the adoption of this new technology aircraft by indicating that their “long-term goal is to make aviation more accessible by using a quiet, carbon-neutral and cost-effective aircraft that are currently being developed by our investors and partners”.

Another goal is the drastic reduction in noise pollution and environmental impact on the population living in the vicinity of urban heliports.

Besides ensuring urban commuting by air, Blade is also engaged, thru its BLADE MediMobility group, in urgent transportation of transplants organs and medical teams. This is done in partnership with hospitals and NYU Langone Health is one of their mainj initiatives in this field.

Beta Technologies Beta Alia Aircraft – Photo : Beta Media

Comments from Blade, Beta CEOs

“Blade is laser-focused on its transition from conventional rotorcraft to Electric Vertical Aircraft. The ALIA’s extremely low sound footprint coupled with its zero emissions design will enable us to reduce the noise and environmental impact to the communities surrounding the existing heliport and airport infrastructure we currently use. ALIA is a full-scale EVA flying in piloted configuration almost every day”, commented Rob Wiesenthal, Blade founder and CEO of Blade Urban Air Mobility.

On its parto, Beta Kyle Clark, BETA’s founder and CEO, expressed his satisfaction by saying “Blade is flying people in and out of cities every day, and we’re excited to partner together with the leader in UAM (Urban Air Mobility) to create a new paradigm in passenger aviation”.

He also added “BETA is a pragmatic company building pragmatic aircraft. It’s clear that the simplicity of our approach, the strength of our technology, consistent progress against our timelines as well as expertise of our team resonates with the best operators in the world. We are extremely excited to partner with Blade and serve the passenger mission”

UPS is poised to be the first major cargo operator of Beta Technologies’ Alia 250 eVTOL aircraft. Photo: UPS

ALIA Deliveries

Beta Technologies is aiming at deliveries beginning in 2024 and to be deployed by Blade in 2025. UPS has also recently announced orders for up to 150 Beta Alia EVA as reported.

Beta press release indicates that “BETA’s ALIA aircraft includes a novel combination of elements that create a smooth, quiet flying experience, with applications for moving both people and cargo, all while producing zero operational emissions.

ALIA will be capable of flying 250 nautical miles on a single charge and carrying six people or three standard cargo pallets and a pilot. Charging will be completed in less than 50 minutes. While flying, the aircraft will be more than 10x quieter than a helicopter, imperceptible over normal urban noise and quieter than cars on a highway”.

Featured image: Beta Technologies