MIAMI – Eco-efficient aircraft manufacturer AURA AERO inaugurates an assembly line in Toulouse and launches its electric version, Integral E.

Via a press release from Monday, the company announced a number of new projects, including an electric 19-seater aircraft that was funded by the Occitanie region. The company says the type will help it become an important player in the low-carbon regional transport market.

According to Flight Global, the manufacturer claims it has order intentions for 50 electric Integral E versions.

AURA AERO has extended its facility to 3,500 square meters in order to commence mass production of the Integral R, a new generation two-seater, as well as new aircraft development. The company constructed the site using recycled containers and insulating mattresses sourced from dismantled aircraft on the Toulouse-Francazal airport (LFBF) in hangar HM7.

AURA AERO Future Plans

With the goal of completing 80 to 100 deliveries by the end of 2021, AURA AERO plans to assemble 30 aircraft in 2022 and 50 in 2023 on this site, which houses the entire production chain – design office, manufacturing, final assembly line, testing, and customer delivery areas.

Aside from this new installation, which marks the start of Integral family development as the company seeks Integral R certification. The Integral family’s first jet took to the skies in June 2020.

In addition, by developing a 19-seater regional transport aircraft powered by electric thrust, AURA AERO hopes to become a major player in low-carbon general aviation. The ERA (Electrical Regional Aircraft) is slated to take to the skies for the first time in 2024, with an EIS following in 2026.

According to the release, the Occitanie Region has provided funding for the development of Integral R (€200,000) and a €1m innovation contract for the development of an electric version, as well as €100,000 for the organization of its export department and priority market prospecting.

The company says the Occitanie region will also support the ERA project with €3-5 as part of the “Green aircraft in light aviation” call for projects launched at the start of this year as part of the regional aeronautical recovery plan, in conjunction with Aerospace Valley’s MAELE (Environmentally Responsible Light Air Mobility) initiative.

Featured image: AURA AERO to develop a 19-seater electric aircraft for the regional market. Photo: AURA AERO