MIAMI – Aerion’s AS3 will usher in a new age of commercial aviation, allowing flights between Los Angeles and Tokyo to take less than three hours.

Aerion debuted its next jet, the AS3, on Monday, March 29. The AS3, which can fly at Mach 4+, is based on the AS2® supersonic business jet. It will be commercially available by the end of the decade according to the company.

Conceptualization and construction work is ongoing and based on feedback from possible customers. In addition, Aerion intends to integrate developments in technology to increase performance and reduce the environmental effects of supersonic travel. The AS3 has a range of 7,000 nm and a capacity to carry up to 50 passengers.

Aerion’s goal is “to accelerate the implementation of commercial high-speed flight and rapid point-to-point flying.” To that effect, Aerion extended its existing collaboration with NASA’s Langley Research Center early this year. Furthermore, the firm directly researches hypersonic commercial flight in the Mach 3-5 range.

The Aerion’s AS2® supersonic business jet will enter series production in 2023. Photo: Aerion Supersonic

Comments by Aerion CEO

According to the media release, Aerion’s Chairman, President & CEO, Tom Vice said that the company’s vision is “to build a future where humanity can travel between any two points on our planet within three hours. Supersonic flight is the starting point, but it is just that – the beginning.”

“The AS3 forms the next step in our long-term technology roadmap and will bring Aerion’s high Mach flight capability to a broader audience; we look forward to sharing more on our design later this year,” Vice added.

The AS2® supersonic business jet will enter series production in 2023 and kick off Aerion’s goal for quicker point-to-point flights. The company will release more details about the current Aerion AS3 in late 2021.

Featured image: Aerion’s AS3 Fly From NYC to London in Less Than an Hour. Photo: Aerion