The F1 Season is upon us. On Sunday 17 March, the championship begun at the Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit. And the aviation industry played a huge role.

Private jet firm VistaJet has entered a partnership with Scuderia Ferrari Mission Winnow for the 2019 F1 Championship.

They will be the official supplier of private jet travel for the Ferrari team. This partnership will look to improve the efficiency of travel throughout the Formula One season, ensuring the Ferrari team arrive at each race in optimal condition, with the aim of enhancing their performance on the track.

Here, we discuss its significance.


VistaJet already has strong ties with F1. Its founder and chairman, Thomas Flohr, is a seasoned racer.

An official driver in the FIA WEC (World Endurance Championship), he has first-hand experience in the sport. So, he most likely understands the work, technology and dedication that goes into a high-pressure race.

The head of an innovative travel firm, he will also be able to share his expertise on the travel industry – advice that the championship organisers will no doubt appreciate.


The private jet industry has been a key part of the F1 circuit ever since it began in 1950. This form of transport enables drivers and their teams to travel to each venue in comfort and privacy.

For most racers, this is essential for rejuvenation either before or after an event. Even better, private jet firms are able to guarantee that all equipment and supplies arrive at every destination safely.

Flights can also be arranged around a racer’s schedule. With private jet travel, F1 participants don’t have to fit their practice routine around air travel times – instead, it works the other way around.

As a main F1 sponsor, VistaJet could increase the number of F1 drivers with access to optimum travel facilities. As a result, they may be able to increase enjoyment for racers during each stage of the championship.


The VistaJet-Ferrari partnership could mean big things for the future of the F1 championship. In addition to travel support for racers, the private jet firm will be able to provide industry insight to F1.

VistaJet and F1 technician teams, for example, can work together to enhance the technology that powers the championship. They could even unite to make the global event more eco-friendly.

VistaJet has already supported green projects like One Tree Planted. Perhaps it will help F1 to make the championship more beneficial for the planet.

In any case, the partnership could help either company to reach their goals. And so, it may be mutually-beneficial.

This is an exciting time for F1 – and not just for its fans. The VistaJet-Ferrari partnership highlights the growth opportunities that cross-industry relationships can bring to all parties.