LONDON – Boeing and Virgin Australia announced on August 29 that the airline has converted 10 units of the 737MAX8 to the 737MAX10. 

Virgin Australia said that this conversion is due to them seeing the value of adding the MAX10 to the mix as the aircraft “will provide additional capacity and flexibility”.

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Virgin Australia Group Chief Financial Officer Geoff Smith said, “We are pleased to be welcoming the 737 MAX 10 aircraft into our expanding fleet in 2022. The addition of the 737 MAX 10 will provide us with additional flexibility and capability to support our network and operations.”

“We are proud to become Australia’s first operator of the 737 MAX and we look forward to the opportunities that operating this type of aircraft will open up to us”, he added.

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“We are excited to expand our partnership with the Virgin Australia Group as they look to introduce the 737 MAX 10 into their world-class fleet,” said Ihssane Mounir, senior vice president of Commercial Sales and Marketing, The Boeing Company.

“The MAX 10 will provide the airline with added capabilities, especially with the extended range and efficiency, to better support their fleet and network”, he added.

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Virgin Australia joins the more than 20 customers who have collectively ordered and committed to over 500 units of the MAX10. 

The 737MAX10 will benefit the airline as it can fly 200 nautical miles more than today’s Next Generation 737s as well as offering the lowest cost per seat mile of any commercial aircraft.