MIAMI — Virgin America’s flight attendants are seeking a vote on whether to unionize. If so, it would be the second time the flight attendants have discussed unionization.

There are 850 flight attendants at Virgin America, and the TWU (Transport Workers Union) received signature cards from a majority of workers, but the union would not say how many it received. However, labor rules say that at least 50%, plus one, need to show support in order for there to be an election.

Thom McDaniel, a TWU international vice president, told Reuters that “We have an overwhelming majority…It’s not at 50 percent, it’s way over that. We’ve got well more than we need.”

In December 2011, Virgin America flight attendants rejected a bid to organize, but the vote was called under old laws that did not require 50%, plus one, to show support to unionize.

The most recent effort to try to get a vote on whether to unionize started close to a year ago, and now, flight attendants could be voting in as soon as two months. However, it cannot be sooner as there needs to be time to allow Virgin America to talk to the workers.

Earlier this year, JetBlue’s pilots overwhelming voted to unionize, and just recently, JetBlue’s flight attendants began pushing to hold a vote on whether to unionize or not.