MIAMI – Vietnam’s Ministry of Transport suspended today all scheduled passenger flights to the country effective immediately until April 15 in a move to stop the COVID-19 spread. Vietnam is one of the fastest-growing aviation markets in the region.

Cargo flights, foreign officials, business managers, diplomatic medical missions are exempt from the ban.

Domestic flights will also be reduced with only two daily flights to the capital Hà Nội and to Ho Chi Minh City and only one flight a day to Đà Nẵng, cities which are all important economic hubs for the nation, according to media outlet Vietnam Insider.

Other travel operations affected across the country include road and maritime transportation as part of the efforts to halt the probability of the coronavirus contagious spread.

Previously halted flights

Vietnam authorities had already banned flights to and from China and Europe due to the gravity of the outbreak in February and March, respectively.

Further, Vietnam Airlines (VN) announced in the past month that it would not carry more European passengers; instead, only passengers who fulfill immigration and health requirements would board flights back to their homeland Vietnam.