MIAMI – With the recent advancements in the industry, the US Subcommittee on Aviation is to meet with business experts, particularly those on supersonic flight.

The hearing invites new competitors to the airspace race, one being the supersonic aircraft maker, Boom. Boom’s Chief Executive Officer will update the Congressional panel about the company’s visions to revitalize supersonic flight.

The US Subcommittee on Aviation has jurisdiction over all aspects of civil aviation, including safety, infrastructure, labor, and international issues. Within this scope of responsibilities, the Subcommittee has jurisdiction over the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), a modal administration within the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT).

This jurisdiction covers all programs within the FAA as well as aviation programs of the USDOT with respect to the economic regulation of air carriers and passenger airline service. In addition, the Subcommittee has jurisdiction over commercial space transportation, the National Mediation Board, and the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB).

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Aviation Subcommittee Hearing

Boom Supersonic, in a press release, revealed today that its CEO, Blake Scholl, would testify before the House Subcommittee on Aviation at a hearing dubbed “The Leading Edge: Innovation in US Aerospace.”

The aerospace corporation is developing the world’s fastest and most economical supersonic airliner. Besides, the website of the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure will live stream Scholl’s presentation before the Aviation Subcommittee at 11 a.m. EDT today.

The testimony would emphasize the significance of regulatory clarity in allowing Boom to put its flagship commercial airliner, Overture, to market. Moreover, Boom appreciates the FAA’s efforts to establish a stable base for the deployment of advanced aviation technologies. Promoting technologies such as next-generation supersonic aircraft will revolutionize innovations in air transport.

The XB-1 from Boom. Image: Boom Supersonic

Comments from Boom CEO

Boom Supersonic Founder & CEO Blake Scholl said that supersonic flight will only become a reality with “the leadership of Congress and the federal government to support emerging aviation technology.”

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The CEO also said he was “deeply honored” to address the House Subcommittee on Aviation “to shed light on these technologies and ask Congress to continue to support this important work.”

“The reintroduction of supersonic flight, along with the integration of other new kinds of aircraft, will ensure continued job growth in this important sector and help ensure the U.S. maintains its global leadership in innovation and the future of transportation.”

Overture. Photo: Boom Supersonic

Overture’s Journey to Birth

Boom designed Overture to operate net-zero carbon flight, and configured it to use 100 percent Sustainable Alternative Fuels (SAF). Therefore, policy incentives are crucial in accelerating the development and adoption of SAF, which is a critical contributor to the long-term viability of long-haul aviation.

Besides, Boom supports policies like blender tax credits to boost SAF efficiency. Moreover, Boom is partnering with a diverse alliance of fuel suppliers, operators, airports, and manufacturers to advance this critical agenda.

Boom will develop and manufacture the Overture in the United States. Therefore, Boom intends to announce the site of its Overture production later this year, with construction set to begin in 2022. Boom expects to begin the development of the Overture in 2023 and to unveil the first full aircraft in 2025. Consequently, Flight testing and type certification campaign are set to begin in 2026, with the intention of transporting passengers by 2029.

Featured image: Boom Supersonic