5X already operates almost 90 Boeing 767F. Photo: Liam Funnell / Airways

MIAMI – Boeing announced in a press release that UPS (5X) purchased 19 Boeing 767 Freighters, based on the Boeing 767-300ER. 5X already flies this freighter aircraft, with 79 units in the fleet. This order marks the end of a “record-breaking” year for Boeing Freighter sales.

UPS Boeing 767-300F deliveries will come between 2023 and 2025. According to Boeing, this order highlights “the 767 Freighter’s outstanding operational efficiency and payload capability to serve its customers at a time of robust air cargo demand.”

UPS currently operates 236 Boeing Freighter aircraft, including the 747, 757, 767 and MD-11. Ihssane Mounir, Boeing senior vice president of Commercial sales and marketing, made some statements about the order. He declared that “these new jets will enable UPS to meet expected near-term and long-term cargo demand with the proven economics, reliability and flexibility that are synonymous with the 767 Freighter.”

Nando Cesarone, UPS US Operations president also confirmed that this order “supports our sustainability efforts by making our fleet more efficient and improving reliability.” Even if it is a 20-years ols aircraft, the cargo industry often operates old aircrafts, as they are indeed cheaper to buy.

The 767 is one of the few Boeing aircrafts which features winglets. Photo: Daniel Gorun/Airways

The Boeing 767-300F

Based on the 767-300ER, the Boeing 767 Freighter “carries up to 52.4 tons of revenue cargo with intercontinental range, serving as a flexible platform for long-haul, regional and feeder markets.”

It is a popular aircraft, with more than 270 orders since it was launched. 5X ordered almost 40% of these aircrafts. It was the launch customer whan the type was first dellivered, back in 1995. 20 years later, 5X will still get new ones. It shows, according to Ihssane Mounir, that “Since the program was launched, UPS has recognized the value of the 767 Freighter and utilized the airplane’s outstanding cargo capabilities throughout its network.”

According to Nando Cesarone, “The Boeing 767 is the most versatile aircraft we operate”. UPS is an important operator of the aircraft, with 91 aircrafts ordered before this new order. For example, the company ordered 4 units in 2018.

This order marks the end of a successful year for Boeing Freighter orders. Indeed, the company registered over 80 firm orders for new Freighter aircrafts and 80 freighter conversions. “This latest order for 19 jets bookends an incredible year for the Boeing Freighter family”, confirmed Ihssane Mounir.