united airlines

MIAMI — United Airlines completed Wi-Fi installation on its 200th aircraft earlier this month. It is a substantial milestone for United, as it was one of the last carriers to introduce the service.

All but one of its 54-strong Airbus A319 fleet has received the upgrade, and the last one (N846UA) is expected to be complete by June. The carrier’s fleet of A320 aircraft is similarly close to being finished, with 96 out of the 97 Airbus A320s complete. The 97th aircraft (N480UA) is currently undergoing installation.

As for the airline’s Boeing fleet, one 737-800 (N24224) is equipped with Wi-Fi, according to popular tracking site United Airlines Fleet Website. Additionally, the site reports that 23 Boeing 737-900/900ER aircraft have been upgraded. Fifteen of United’s 132 Boeing 757-200s now have Wi-Fi on board, all of which are in the PS configuration.

According to a company statement, more than 50 Boeing 737 aircraft will have Wi-Fi installed. There are currently 33 Boeing 737-900ER aircraft that do not have any type of in-flight entertainment, but they will be receiving Wi-Fi soon,

As for widebody aircraft, 23 of United’s 24 Boeing 747-400 aircraft are now online, with the sole (N128UA) airframe expected to come online by May of 2014.

None of United’s Boeing 767 aircraft have received the upgrade, but seven of United’s 74 Boeing 777s are equipped with Wi-Fi (six of the aircraft fly primarily to Hawaii and Guam). The 787 fleet does not have the service installed, but is expected to receive it sometime later this or next year.

Check out the video below to watch how the magic happens: