MIAMI – Joe Biden will be the 46th President of the United States in what is a historic victory thanks to his VP. Supporters will undoubtedly want to watch as Biden and his VP Kamala Harris are sworned into office on January 20, 2021, in Washington, DC.

For the airlines, this means capitalizing on the nationwide demand for flights to and around the Washington area, which include the large United Airlines (UA) hub Washington Dulles (IAD), smaller regional airport Washington Reagan (DCA) where American Airlines (AA) has a significant presence, and nearby in Baltimore, Thurgood Marshall Airport (BWI) where Southwest (WN) has a strong operation.

United Airlines. Photo Luca Flores

Ticket Prices on the Rise

Since February, when the COVID-19 pandemic began to a significant impact on life worldwide, ticket prices have been historically low, begging passengers to take advantage of this to provide the airlines with some amount of cash.

There has been no event that draws a lot of demand for air travel nationwide, so airlines have decided to hike ticket prices to Washington DC on the dates surrounding the Inauguration.

The differences in prices can be as much as US$200 from one day to the next, mostly peaking on the days before or after the big day. While most wanting to travel to Washington think it is worth the financial effort, with hotel prices in Washington astronomical on those dates as well, a trip to see the Inauguration can be rather taxing on the wallet.

Washington Dulles International Airport. Photo: Wiki Commons

Historical Significance

While there was half jubilation and half anger in cities nationwide once media outlets projected Biden would win, the real significance for the new Administration is the election of Kamala Harris. She will be the first African-American, Indian-American, and first woman to have the title of Vice President, making this an even more monumental moment for Biden/Harris supporters who will not want to miss the occasion.

Featured image: Wiki Commons